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Vio-Lence: Blood & Dirt (2 DVD) Digital 2 0 Актер "Vio-Lence" (Исполнитель) инфо 1196f.
Vio-Lence: Blood & Dirt (2 DVD) Digital 2 0 Актер "Vio-Lence" (Исполнитель) инфо 1196f.

От издателя "A Lesson In Vio-Lence You'll Never Forget This Is Thrash Metal At It's Finest" - Tom Trakas For The First Time Ever, The Complete History of Bay Area Thrash Legends Vid-Lence Presentаьаэed In A 90 Minute Documentary And Directed By Tales From The Pit Creator Jerry Allen Blood And Dirt Takes You On A Trip Of Bad Attitudes, Bloody Knuckles And Brutal Music From Their Early Death Penalty Days To The Infamous Centennial Hall Riot To Thrash Of The Titanблгюкs To Their Last Show At The Pound SF In 2003 It's All Here See Interviews With All The Members Of Via As Well As Commentary By Fans, Friends, Journalists And Their Thrash Brothers, Exddus, Testament, Forbidden And Death Angel Witness Ultra Rare Video Footage Shot By The Band Themselves As Well As Live Clips From Different Eras Of Their Short But Legendary History Also Included Is A Bonus Disc Featuring Their Crushing Thrash of The Titans Performance As Well As Songs From Their Solбсдгкd Out Slim's Show And More Thrash Of The Titans (08/11 /2001) 01 Kill On Command 02 Eternal Nightmare 03 Serial Killer 04 Mentally Afflicted 05 Officer Nice 06 Phobophobia 07 World In A World 08 TDS 09 I Profit Дополнительные материалы DVD 1: Bonus Videos Live At Slims (12/14/2001) 420 / Stone Хронометраж: 46 минут, Звуковая дорожка: Английский PCM Stereo DVD 2 Liquid Courage Ageless Eyes Calling In The Coroner Subterfuge Bodies On Bodies Paraplegic Plus: Gutterslut Live From The Pound 420 Schow Color Of Life Live From The Stone '93 Хронометраж: 93 минуты, Звуковая дорожка: Английский Dolby Digital 20 Актер "Vio-Lence" (Исполнитель).

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