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Punk Original Masters (10 CD) Формат: 10 Audio CD (Картонная коробка) Дистрибьюторы: Membran Music Ltd , Gala Records Европейский Союз Лицензионные товары Характеристики аудионосителей 2002 г Сборник: Импортное издание инфо 12954e.
Punk Original Masters (10 CD) Формат: 10 Audio CD (Картонная коробка) Дистрибьюторы: Membran Music Ltd , Gala Records Европейский Союз Лицензионные товары Характеристики аудионосителей 2002 г Сборник: Импортное издание инфо 12954e.

Отличный сборник песен в стиле панк! Содержит 160 треков Диски упакованы в картонные конверты и вложены в коробку Содержание CD1: Punk Holidays In The Sun Vol 1 1 Where Have All The Boot Boys Goаьчдцne "Slaughter & The Dogs" 2 Persecution Complex "The Drones" 3 The Day Thw World Turned Dayglo "X-Ray Spex" 4 So What "Anti Nowhere League" 5 Outlaw "Chron Gen" 6 Troops Of Tomorrow "The Vibблаэхrators" 7 Thinking Of The USA "Eater" 8 Changes "Erase Today" 9 Colchester Concil "Special Duties" 10 Jackie Was A Junkie "One Way System" 11 Worst Enemy Major Accident 12 Rude Awakening "External Menace" 13 Waste Of Flesh & Bone "The Blood" 14 I Feel Alright "V2" 15 Do You Wanna Be A Sic Boy? "Sic Boy Federation" 16 Designer "Mere Dead Men" бсгде CD2: Punk Holidays In The Sun Vol 2 1 I'm On Heat "The Lurkers" 2 No Faith "Suburban Studs" 3 Blame It On The Young "Radio Stars" 4 This Land "Zounds" 5 Don't Just Sit There "The Crack" 6 Nasty, Nasty "999" 7 Spitting In Two "Alternative TV" 8 Nothing Ever Changes "The Carpettes" 9 Boredom "Buzzcocks" 10 Junkie "Sham 69" 11 Stereo Love "The Proles" 12 I've Got A Gun "English Dogs" 13 Two Little Boys "Splodgenessabounds" 14 Casualties "The Casualties" 15 Vision Red "The Walking Abortions" 16 Freeloader "The Stains" CD3: Punk Punk And Disorderly 1 Last Rockers "Vice Squad" 2 Stab The Judge "One Way System" 3 Insane Youth "Disorder" 4 Banned From The Pubs Peter & The Test Tube Babies 5 In Brбтлукitain "Red Alert" 6 Someone's Gonna Die "Blitz" 7 Kill The Poor "The Dead Kennedys" 8 Police Story "The Partisans" 9 Last Day "Insane" 10 Army Song "Abrasive Wheels" 11 4 Minute Warning "Chaos UK" 12 Mania "Outcasts" 13 City Baby Attack "GBH" 14 Gotta Get Out "Court Martial" 15 Dragnet "The Vibrators" 16 How Much Longer "ATV" CD4: Punk Punk Covers 1 I Wanna Be Your Dog "Anti-Pasti" 2 My Way Sid Vicious 3 Jumpin' Jack Flash "The Vibrators" 4 The Times They Are A Changin' "Vice Squad" 5 Cum On Feel The Noize "One Way System" 6 Then He Kissed Me "Hollywood Brats" 7 Teenager In Love "Frazerhead" 8 Pretty Vacant "GBH" 9 Joleen "Disorder" 10 White Riot "Angelic Upstarts" 1бтцфч1 Jeepster "Eater" 12 Teenage Rampage "Vice Squad" 13 My Generation "Suburban Studs" 14 Gimme Some Lovin' "The Vibrators" 15 Be My Baby "The Drones" 16 Day Tripper "The Wall" CD5: Punk Punk Live Classics 1 Angels With Dirty Faces "Sham 69" 2 Search And Destory Sid Vicious 3 Power City "The Vibrators" 4 Chinese Rocks Джонни Тандерс 5 Give Us A Future "One Way System" 6 Run Like Hell Peter & The Test Tube Babies 7 Kill Your Baby "Chaos UK" 8 Feelin' Alright With The Crew "999" 9 Sick Boy "GBH" 10 Health Hazard "Disorder" 11 Leave Me Alone "Angelic Upstarts" 12 Disco In Moscow "The Vibrators" 13 You Don't Break My Heart "Maniacs" 14 I Hate School "Suburban Studs" 15 Soldier Boy "The Varukers" 16 Can't Wбтыштait 'Til 78 "The Wasps" CD6: Punk Punks In Protest 1 Gangland "The Violators" 2 Hate The Law "Riot Squad" 3 You'll Never Know "Vice Squad" 4 Screaming At The Nation "Red Alert" 5 Goverment Policy "The Expelled" 6 Fire Another Round "The Samples" 7 Burn 'Em Down "Abrasive Wheels" 8 Keep Britain Untidy Peter & The Test Tube Babies 9 Goverment's To Blame "The Varurkers" 10 Arms Race "The Partisans" 11 Give Us A Future "One Way System" 12 Protest & Survive "The Varukers" 13 No Goverment "Anti-Pasti" 14 Voice Of A Generation "Blitz" 15 Die With Dignity "The Violators" 16 Police State "Special Duties" CD7: Punk Punk Indie Chart Hits Vol 1 1 Action Time Vision "Alternative TV" 2 Woman In Disguise "Angelic Upstartsбтюиу" 3 Murder In The Subway "Attak" 4 City Invasion "Red Alert" 5 Lest We Forget Blitzkreig 6 Meglomania "The Blood" 7 I've Got A Gun "Channel 3" 8 East To The West "Anti-Pasti" 9 Gotta Get Out "Court Martial" 10 Complete Disorder (Live) "Disorder" 11 Can't See "The Drones" 12 Have You Got Top? "The Ejected" 13 Points Of View "Emergency" 14 It's Corruption "The Undead" 15 Massacred Millions "The Varukers" 16 Self Destruct UK Subs CD8: Punk Punk Indie Chart Hits Vol 2 1 Resurrection "Vice Squad" 2 Shell Shock "Erazerhead" 3 Warriors "Blitz" 4 Six Guns "Anti-Pasti" 5 El Salvador "Insane" 6 Gentle Murder "Mayhem" 7 I Thought You Were Dead "Notsensibles" 8 This Is The Age "One Way Systemqбтярж" 9 17 Years Of Hell "The Partisans" 10 Up Yer Bum Peter & The Test Tube Babies 11 Take No Prisoners "Red Alert" 12 No Sign Of Life "Instant Agony" 13 Dead Hero "The Samples" 14 Work "Spizz Energi" 15 Die For Your Government "The Varukers" 16 Hersham Boys (Live) "Sham 69" CD9: Punk Extreme Punk 1 Hate "Chaos UK" 2 Driller Killer "Disorder" 3 Fight The Right "Disorder" 4 Gunning For The President (Live) "GBH" 5 Forward Into Battle "English Dogs" 6 Incisor "English Dogs" 7 Violent Society "Special Duties" 8 No View "External Menace" 9 Poor Excuse "External Menace" 10 We Are The Riot Squad "Riot Squad" 11 There Ain't No Solution "Riot Squad" 12 Fight For Your Life "Court Martial" 13 Punk Aggбуалпression "Chaotic Dischord" 14 Destroy Peace N' Freedom "Chaotic Dischord" 15 No Masters, No Slaves "The Varukers" 16 The Future Be Ours "Blitzkrieg" CD10: Punk Punk Pay Tribute 1 I'm In Love With Margaret Thatcher "Notsensibles" 2 Houdini Charms "Suburban Studs" 3 Frankenstein Stomp "The Vibrators" 4 Lord Lucan "The Dodgems" 5 Howard Hughes "The Tights" 6 Where's Captain Kirk? "Spizz Energi" 7 A Prayer For Cliff Richard "Disorder" 8 Elvis Is Dead Peter & The Test Tube Babies 9 Garry Bushell's Band Of The Week "Notsensibles" 10 John Lennon Is Dead "USSR" 11 Frankenstein's Heartbeat "Art Attacks" 12 Gary Gilmore's Eyes "TV Smith" 13 Jesus Always Let's You Down "The Vibrators" 14 King Kong Drink's Coca Cola "Sham 69" 15 Thatcherбуаэм's Fortress "The Varukers" 16 Barbara Cartland "The Gymslips" Исполнители (показать всех исполнителей) "Slaughter & The Dogs" "The Drones" "X-Ray Spex".

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